Kimbre's Running With The Root Cellar!

Kimbre with her husband Matt and their 3 boys. Follow Kimbre’s journey on instagram at @  @run_the_root_cellar_

Kimbre with her husband Matt and their 3 boys. Follow Kimbre’s journey on instagram at @@run_the_root_cellar_

Kimbre’s Story

Over the years, I have developed a love for running and it has become a place of quiet time with God where I get to step out and spend time with Him as I run through my community. On these runs I spend time talking to God, praying for my husband and 3 kids, praying for my community, asking that God would use me to further His kingdom and so much more!

I wouldn’t naturally call myself a runner, but it has definitely become something I love to do because I get to step away from the chaos of life and run with God. The farthest race I have run to date is a half marathon (13.1miles) but I am stepping out this year and looking to complete my first marathon (26.2miles).

As I started training for the Baystate Marathon, I spent time on my longer runs asking God how He could get the glory for this and how I could get other people involved in our community. He kept telling me, “The Root Cellar.”

So, I have decided to combine my love of running with my love of The Root Cellarto make an impact within my community for the sake of furthering the Kingdom.

I will be running at the Baystate Marathon in Massachusetts on October 20th. I am hoping that you will join me on this journey and help me raise is a total of $2620!

I would love for you to join me on this journey! Let’s partner together to get across the finish line!

  • Pray for The Root Cellar, our community, pray that broken hearts would see the hope of Jesus, and pray for redemption of all the things that are broken within our community.

  • Give! Would you prayerfully consider sponsoring a mile? Or more? If you make your gift a MONTHLY donation - we will send you a special edition Root CellarT-shirt!

  • Volunteer! There are many ways to get involved at The Root Cellar and contribute to our beautiful community!

  • RUN with ME! I’d love to build a team of runners, dedicated to The Root Cellar and impacting our community for the Kingdom. If this sounds like fun, let me know!

  • Spread the word! Maybe you want to join in with some friends or the company you work for and sponsor a mile as a group!

You can also follow Kimbre’s training journey and hear about specific ways The Root Cellar is impacting our community by following her on Instagram@run_the_root_cellar_

Click here to sponsor a mile and get Kimbre

across the finish line!