So…what will we be doing?

super summer day camp

Alongside our neighbors and volunteers, your team will help us provide over 7 weeks of Super Summer Day Camp Programming to neighborhood elementary and middle school students. You will love them. They are unique, beautiful, full of life and incredibly resilient in the face of so many challenges. They will stretch you and I am sure that they will leave a mark on your heart. These will be the most challenging hours of your week, but come prepared to lean into what God has for you in this challenge. After all, the Kingdom of God that Jesus proclaimed is full of children like these.

English Conversation Cafe

Most will have a chance to participate in the summer English Language Learning Conversation Cafe with adults from around the world. Don’t worry - if you speak English, then you are prepped with everything you need. Many past mission teams have told us that these were transformative and enriching times. 

neighborhood service

Through the summer, there will be several physical projects that will serve our neighborhood. Our goal will be to work alongside our partners or neighbors in the work that we do together. This will involve street and vacant lot and park clean-ups, residential housing projects (small, strategic repairs as skill allows), and serving with partner organizations.