We empower one another, humbly growing together as we rely on each others strengths.

The Root Cellar Board of Trustees recently revised our Mission, Vision and Values statements. Over the years we have grown in many ways, but our vision of “being rooted in urban areas of need as God empowers, unites and transforms our neighborhoods through the love of Christ” has been a constant. One of our value statements is “Interdependence.” “In the way of Jesus, we empower one another, humbly growing together as we rely on each other’s strengths.” That interdependence is often experienced in unexpected ways. 

Peggy Hinman, Portland Adult Program Coordinator tells this story:

“I awakened one morning and remembered a chapel service I had attended in Bible college. A choral group started the service singing a song that went like this: “It keeps on coming back, it keeps on coming back. Everything I give to Him, it just keeps on coming back.”  Before long all the students were on their feet, clapping to the music and singing those simple words.

Recently I decided to call Cedars Retirement community to see if they had a need for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). I was connected to Angela Hunt, their Chief Operating Officer and her answer was “Absolutely, when can we meet?”

We met with Angie and before long The Root Cellar had another amazing CNA program launched.  

Later that week I took paperwork to the facility and while at the front desk a familiar face appeared. She didn’t recognize me but I remembered that she had come to The Root Cellar for many years donating blankets and clothing. She always thought of things the children would like to have and believed in our ministry. It was truly humbling to realize that she was now a resident at the facility. 

My greatest joy is to know that The Root Cellar can give back to her by providing some of the best caregivers that we have trained in the CNA program. 

Some of the same people for whom she provided blankets and clothing will now be helping her with daily needs, proving that we truly are interdependent on each other.”