We act when we see injustice, pain or need among our neighbors.

At five years old, Ciella is in Kindergarten. It was surprising when we saw her solitary figure walking towards The Root Cellar’s door, tears were streaming down her cheeks. She paused at the door and seemed unsure what to do. The moment we saw her we rushed towards the door and pulling her into our warm building and our caring arms. 

Over a cup of hot chocolate accompanied by cookie, Ciella’s shared her story. She had gotten home from school to find a locked door and no one home. We reassured Ciella and spoke at length with her mom. It was wonderful to see Ciella’s tears dry up and the anxious look on her face ease. That day Ciella learned that she is always welcome at The Root Cellar and she never needs to worry about where to go again.

Stasha is 33 years old and seeking asylum in the U.S. Unfortunately her stay at the homeless shelter has not been a positive experience. It has been sad to see her fall into old habits and addictions. Stasha’s mother, who has custody of her two boys and also lives in the shelter, brought her to The Root Cellar’s Ladies Breakfast Program. “I don’t know what to do,” she said. “Stasha was out in the snow all day yesterday. Can you please help us?”

Root Cellar staff and volunteers rallied around Stasha and her mother, gave them a warm meal, counseling, and prayed with them. We will be helping her mother and kids find and move into housing and also help Stasha find treatment when she is ready to commit to it.