Let us tell you about our town.

Lewiston is a storied town, nestled next to I-95 and the mighty Androscoggin River. In years past, it was a mill town, producing world-renowned shoes and bedspreads. Those days are all but gone, leaving behind a densely populated downtown residential community known around here as the Tree Streets Neighborhood. When we opened our doors in 2009, we knew that God had bigger, better plans for this city. After 10 years, we are still hard at work, bringing new life to our streets each day through a variety of programing. At the heart of all we do is an invitation to all, to join us as we seek to follow Jesus by loving God and discovering what it means to love your neighbor as yourself.

This means knowing who they are and learning from them.  This means mutual relationships, crossing cultural, religious and racial boundaries. It gets messy around here sometimes, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Below are some stats and challenges that our neighbors face. As you read these remember that our neighbors are people, created in God’s image. No statistical measure or “issue” can define our neighbors. 

  • Over 24% of the city population is African Immigrant, with the majority being refugees from Somalia. In recent years, this has included an influx of immigrants from the Congo, Djibouti, Angola and Iraq.

  • Our neighborhood covers the 3 most impoverished census tracks in Maine. Fourty-eight percent of residents in Lewiston’s downtown live below the poverty line, and the childhood lead poisoning rate is three times that of the entire state. There is a higher concentration of children in our neighborhood than any other community in the state. 

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