Be part of a year round neighborhood ministry

The Root Cellar is a Christian Community Development organization, committed to seeking the Kingdom within our neighborhoods. We have been working alongside our neighbors for the last 10 years, serving more than 1500 individual neighbors annually through several specific programs and ministries. Our missions trips is a chance for you and your team to be part of the ongoing, bigger story that God is weaving through our community.


We value relationship over accomplishment

Building community requires taking the long road. It’s harder, less efficient and can be incredibly frustrating - but there is so much beauty to find along the way. Learning to love your neighbor as yourself takes time, effort and patiences to seek to understand before seeking to “get it done.” In this way, we recognized that each of us is made in God’s image, with the task of contributing to building His Kingdom here and now. We welcome you to join us and our neighbors in this long and beautiful journey.

stay within the community you are serving

Each team gets plenty of opportunity to try the amazing local flavors. Mama Shukri will rock you socks off!

Each team gets plenty of opportunity to try the amazing local flavors. Mama Shukri will rock you socks off!

We believe in being rooted within our community - so we invite you to stay with us, in the Tree Streets neighborhood. Each team member will get a chance to taste, see, smell and feel the experience of our community. We invite you to learn from our neighbors by experiencing their neighborhood for a week. We have found this to be transformational for our mission team members and have seen many get a glimpse of what incarnation ministry is all about.

Don’t worry - we stay with you too. Our staff is dedicated to walking with you through each week and guiding you as you and your team discover what it means to love God and love your neighbors in Lewiston, ME.


Potential for long term partnership

We already talked about how much we value relationships with our neighbors - but we want to make sure it’s clear - that includes you too!

We are building partnerships with local churches from down the street and across the nation, recognizing that God has given each of us something unique to offer each other. Financial support is needed - but we see that as only one way of partnering. We want to be in a relationship with you and learn from each other.

We invite you to come and see and discover the bigger picture and how we could partner together for the Kingdom in Lewiston and in your hometown.